What Is a Dental Bridge Made Of?

Posted on: March 27, 2018

Dental BridgeWhat is a dental bridge made of? Great question. Whenever someone is in need of dental work they should ask a lot of questions so that they are able to understand exactly what is taking place in their mouth. Because dentists have access to a lot of various types of materials that they can use when creating dental devices it is a good idea to understand the difference in materials used for bridges. Whenever patients ask questions they are involving themselves in the process, which fully supports their ability to take control of their own dental health.

Dental bridges

Dental bridges are used when a patient is missing one or more teeth in order to fill the gap where the tooth or teeth used to be as having a full set of teeth is one of the best ways to support a healthy mouth. While there may be a few different reasons why someone would want to know what kind of material dental bridges use, the main reason why people are wanting to know is because they are either allergic to certain materials or are living a holistic life and want to be sure any dental-related materials that need to be placed in their mouths are natural.

Dental bridge types

A fixed dental bridge is the most common and therefore the most popular type of dental bridge worn today. A fixed dental bridge is made up of two hollow crowns on each side that are made to fit over specific teeth in order to keep the fixed bridge exactly where it is supposed to stay.

A bonded dental bridge is often used when there is only one tooth that needs to be replaced. Because a bonded dental bridge is held in place using special wings that are attached to the adjacent teeth this dental bridge procedure is one that is able to better preserve any healthy teeth.

A front teeth bridge is often the top choice when someone is missing their front teeth. When someone finds themselves in this particular and unfortunate situation seeking an experienced dentist as soon as possible for their professional advice is highly suggested.

Dental bridge materials

The materials a dentist chooses to use when making dental bridges can vary in their strength, appearance and overall life expectancy. The following are some of the more common materials used to make dental bridges:

  • Porcelain. The most common material used for dental bridges as they can be made to perfectly match the color of someone’s teeth making the bridge unnoticeable. While porcelain offers the best appearance it is more susceptible to damage.

  • Gold. Gold is a strong metal that is completely biocompatible with the body.

  • Zirconia. Zirconia is strong as it is made from metal yet looks like ceramic making it a top choice for those who are looking for the most natural looking dental bridge solutions.

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