What You Need to Know About Mouthwash

Posted on: February 1, 2018

MouthwashWhen it comes to mouthwash, people have no idea what the mouthwash ingredients are and what sorts of unique purposes they serve. The story of mouthwash starts way back in the late 19th century. Scientist Dr. Joseph Lawrence joined forces with pharmacist Jordan Lambert to start up a mouthwash company called Listerine.

The pair of businessmen used four essential oils to make quite the powerful antiseptic.  Nowadays, Listerine contains the same four essential oils plus some added ingredients. This is a botanically derived formula that penetrates the mouth to perform a healthy clean.

Mouthwash like Listerine combats the formation of plaque and gingivitis.  Use mouthwash each morning and evening and your mouth will stand that much better of a chance of thwarting decay, gum disease and other problems before they expand into major health problems.  Here is a look at what types of ingredients are in mouthwash and the different purposes they serve.

Mouthwash Ingredients and Their Importance

The ingredients used in mouthwash help decrease the level of microbial organisms within the oral cavity.  Some are strictly meant to freshen the breath. Most mouthwashes have active ingredients, buffers, preservatives, oils and agents to mask the odor.

Such chemicals are provided in varying sizes and volumes, covering all sorts of needs in the oral health product market. It is important to note that mouthwash alone will not keep a mouth clean. However, mouthwash can have a positive effect on users if the individual continues other oral hygiene techniques as well.

Eucalyptol – Made from eucalyptus trees, this essential oil functions as an antifungal and an antibacterial agent.

Thymol – Made with ajowan herbs, thymol is one of the most common mouthwash ingredients.  It serves the purpose of combating oral infections.  It has antiseptic qualities that also help reduce the odds of gum disease and halitosis.

Menthol – This is the same menthol in corn mint.  It is an essential oil with unique germ-fighting properties.  Menthol helps stop the growth of bacteria to keep your teeth and gums in tip-top shape.

Methyl Salicylate – This essential oil is the same as that of natural wintergreen.  It is a lovely flavoring agent added to mouth rinses to provide fresh breath. Take a look at the many different mouth rinses on your store’s shelves and select one with methyl salicylate.  It will freshen up your breath and get you ready for the day.

Myrrh and Tea Tree Essential Oils – Both of these essential oils are proven to have antimicrobial activity.  Research backs up such claims.  As an example, the School of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Western Australia has performed extensive studies on tea tree oil from an Australian plant and determined it has considerable antimicrobial activity.

Echinacea – This herb stimulates the immune system and helps combat infection and inflammation in the mouth.

Peppermint and Spearmint Oil – These oils are sometimes added to mouthwashes to freshen up breath. These are the same flavors used in chewing gum to make it fresh, tasty and stimulating.

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