At Home Teeth Whitening Tips

Posted on: January 26, 2018

Teeth WhiteningIf you are dissatisfied with the look of your teeth, teeth whitening is the answer. Most people have stained teeth resulting from the consumption of food and beverages. However, rushing out to pick up teeth whitening gel along with custom teeth whitening trays is not prudent unless you know what you are doing and confident in your ability to apply this solution in the correct manner.

Teeth Whitening Advice: Keep It Simple

The application of teeth whitening solutions might seem a bit confusing at first. Do not let this cosmetic dentistry solution intimidate you. This is not the type of thing you should overthink. You should only be concerned with the front portion of the teeth. There is no need to use teeth whitening gel along the back portion of the teeth. Just be sure to give your teeth a good brushing prior to applying the teeth whitening solution.

Do not use an abundance of teeth whitening gel. If you use too much, it will spill over into various portions of your mouth and cause tissue irritation. Apply it in a conservative manner to the proper section of the whitening tray. This is the portion that directly contacts the front surface of the teeth. Do your best to avoid moving the gel toward the very bottom portion of the tray. Teeth whitening gel is partly composed of carbamide peroxide, a sticky formula that holds tightly to the tray rather than slipping loose. Apply the back side of the tray to the teeth, dragging the teeth in a manner so the tray pushes forward on the gel instead as opposed to a downward motion. Continue to drag the tray from the back portion of the mouth on forward until it settles in place across all of the teeth.

Beware of All-Natural DIY Approaches to Teeth Whitening

If you search the web for all-natural teeth whitening solutions, you will find more alleged solutions than you could ever imagine. However, attempting to whiten your teeth with a DIY (do it yourself) approach is a mistake. Too many people have followed advice found on the internet, rushed to their kitchen and concocted a supposed teeth whitening solution with baking soda and other ingredients commonly found in kitchen cabinets. This is not a prudent approach.

DIY teeth whitening has the potential to damage your tooth enamel as well as your gums and other portions of your mouth. If teeth whitening is not performed in the proper manner, you might end up with a significant dental problem. Take the safe route by opting for a teeth whitening solution approved by the American Dental Association (ADA). Above all, do not lose sight of the fact that you only get one set of permanent teeth. The bottom line is a DIY attempt to whiten teeth is not worth the risk. These natural solutions do not have the proper chemicals required to whiten stained or discolored teeth. DIY methods merely scrub enamel to wear away stains. This approach will eventually lead to tooth erosion along with increased sensitivity.

When in Doubt, Resort to the Instructions

If you are flustered in regard to the proper application of a tooth whitening solution, revert to the instructions. As long as your kit was purchased from a reputable organization, the instructions will explain exactly how to whiten the teeth. For more information call Contemporary Dentistry and Implantology PC at (734) 562-0259.

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