How to Develop A Healthy Morning Dental Routine

Posted on: February 20, 2018

Dental RoutinePerfecting your morning dental routine is easier said than done. Even if you already invest 5-10 minutes in your morning dental care, you might not be performing a thorough clean due to a flawed technique or because you might a missing step. Here is a look at what your morning dental routine needs to have in order to remain healthy.

Tips for a healthy morning dental routine

Start off Your Morning Dental Routine the Right way by Washing Your Face

While washing the face does not impact the mouth in a direct manner, it puts the individual in a cleaning mood. This wash also gives the individual a fresh start to the day. It encourages a thorough mouth cleaning as opposed to a superficial, rushed clean.

Brush Your Teeth Every Morning

Brush the front, back, top and bottom of each tooth. Brush the area around the gum line and the tooth as well. It is also beneficial to brush the tongue. However, if a person dreads a gag reflex when cleaning the tongue with a toothbrush, then he or she can make the transition to a tongue scraper. A thorough cleaning will take between two and three minutes.

Do not Rinse With Water After Brushing Your Teeth in the Morning!

Once the patient finishes brushing his or her teeth, it is important to leave the toothpaste in the mouth so it can add fluoride to bolster tooth strength and keep them durable for years to come.  If a person rinses out the mouth with water following the brushing session, then the person will knock all of the protective toothpaste off the teeth and send it down the drain.

Rinsing With Mouthwash is Acceptable During Your Morning Dental Routine

The most effective way to freshen one’s breath before or after brushing is by rinsing with mouthwash.  The mouthwash should be antimicrobial, anticavity and fluoridated.  Mouthwash also serves the purpose of waking an individual up in the morning.  People need to make using mouthwash a component of morning dental routine for the mouth to feel and smell that much better.

Eat Breakfast Before Performing Your Morning Dental Routine

While some people might assume eating breakfast before performing their morning dental routine is common sense, some people still eat after doing all of the work outlined above to prepare their mouth for the day. If an individual eats after cleaning his or her mouth, then the individual will leave bits of food that cause acid to wear away at the teeth and eventually spur decay.  So, it is important to get breakfast out of the way before one freshens up the mouth for the day.

Be Careful When Selecting Morning Breakfast Foods

If you start the day out on the wrong foot by eating sugary cereal, fruit juice and a danish, your oral health will pay the price.  If you must have an acidic drink like coffee or juice, use a straw to limit the amount that contacts your teeth.  If possible, choose water or milk opposed to the acidic coffee, tea and juice.

Munch on some sugarless gum containing xylitol to spur the formation of saliva that attacks acid in the mouth.  Gum will also freshen your breath for the upcoming day at work, school etc.

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