Dental Caps Are A Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure

Posted on: February 2, 2018

Dental caps for teeth are a common cosmetic dental procedure. Also known as crowns, caps are a dental prosthetic that covers a damaged tooth, protecting its structure while restoring your smile. It can also be attached to an implant.

After fitting a cap, it becomes the damaged tooth’s new outer layer, restoring the function of the tooth. You can eat like you normally would with your teeth without having to deal with pain or discomfort because of the damaged tooth.

Dentists permanently secure caps to your tooth structure with dental cement. Once in place, all you have to do is take care of the crown the same way you would clean your natural teeth. A candidate for dental caps will need to repair and strengthen damaged teeth while also addressing the shape, color and alignment issues of the teeth.

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What are caps for teeth made of?

Dental crowns can consist of porcelain, metals, or a combination of a dental ceramic and a metal alloy. Crowns consisting of different materials have their own unique properties. A dentist will help determine which material is best for you by considering a host of factors.

Here are the properties of some of the materials caps for teeth commonly consist of:

1. Ceramics

Professionals in a lab typically create ceramic crowns one layer at a time. This makes them the closest alternative to your natural teeth, making them a favorite among people looking to replace their front teeth. The main weakness of ceramic crowns is the fact these are not very strong or durable.

These are a lot more likely to chip or crack than a metal crown for example. One major advantage of ceramic crowns is the fact you can get these done with a single visit to the dentist’s office thanks to CEREC® technology while other crown types require multiple visits to the dentist.

2. Metals and Alloys

Gold dental crowns last long and they tend to be biocompatible with teeth, meaning the crown will not damage the teeth on the adjacent jaw. Some people also wear crowns made out of precious metals like gold as a fashion accessory.

Of course, not everyone wants a gold tooth or some other color that sticks out and makes it obvious it is not natural. Others are simply uncomfortable with the idea of metal crowns.

3. Porcelain fused to metal

Also known as PFM crowns, these offer more strength and durability than porcelain crowns. The metal part is typically on the hidden side, while the porcelain part is visible when you open your mouth. It is worth noting that PFM crowns are not as natural-looking as porcelain crowns. In addition, the ceramic coating on the metal is still susceptible to chips and cracks.

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